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September 17, 2010 | Volume 7 Issue 37


TOP STORY: TechTip: Chat with IM Clients from your i Apps
FEATURED ARTICLE: New IBM i Solution Editions Can Leverage a Good Investment
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Overwhelmed by Audit Journal Data? It's Harvest Time!
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Maximum Availability Becomes Maxava, and Product Line Is Now Maxava HA Suite
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: IBM i (System i): Setting new standards for total integration
BLOG: System i Management Tips

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Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Chat with IM Clients from your i Apps

Java and some free libraries make Instant Messaging a breeze!
Written by Michael Sansoterra
Instant messaging (IM) has become a standard communication tool in many companies, sometimes surpassing even email usage. Back in the late 90's, I remember there was a push to have our i apps (oops, AS/400 apps back then!) send email notifications and reports to users. As an IBM i developer, you may now find yourself needing to communicate with an IM client of some kind. Luckily, thanks to the many freely available Java libraries, this is an easy task.


Feature Article - Analysis
New IBM i Solution Editions Can Leverage a Good Investment

Integrated ERP packages on the latest POWER7 servers promise to extend the value of the IBM i platform while moving companies to modern technology.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

One little-mentioned part of IBM's recent POWER7 server announcements are the four IBM i Solution Editions the company introduced that include optimized ERP solutions from the four major ERP vendors—Infor, JD Edwards, Lawson, and SAP.


Advertorial - PowerTech
Partner TechTip: Overwhelmed by Audit Journal Data? It's Harvest Time!

PowerTech Compliance Monitor includes centralized compressed storage for audit journal events from multiple partitions.

robin_tatamWritten by Robin Tatam

According to PowerTech's "State of IBM i Security" study, approximately 20 percent of enterprises aren't performing any system, user, or object auditing. When you factor in those that are capturing only a few event types, those that don't do anything with the data once it is captured, and those that are using the event data for high availability purposes rather than security, you end up with a river of events flowing through the cracks, completely unnoticed.


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