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September 19, 2012 | Volume 11 Issue 17


TOP STORY:  The API Corner: Accessing System Values
FEATURED ARTICLE: Simplify SQL "With" Common Table Expressions
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: GoAnywhere Now Certified for Microsoft Server 2012
FORUM: Help! How to Do a READC with Refresh?
MC STORE: Top 10 Best-Selling Titles  
EVENT:  RPG & DB2 Summit Fall 2012
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Feature Article - Programming
The API Corner: Accessing System Values

Use the Retrieve System Values API.

bruce viningWritten by Bruce Vining

Last month's article demonstrated how the Retrieve Command Definition (QCDRCMDD) API could be used to access the list of SYSVAL special values associated with the DSPSYSVAL command, thereby removing the need to know in advance what system values are valid for the system the program is running on. The sample program then loaded these special value names into the array SysVals. This month, we'll look at how the Retrieve System Values (QWCRSVAL) API can be used to access the values associated with each system value name found in SysVals. For demonstration purposes, we'll display the various system values using a subfile.


Sponsor - Profound Logic Software

On-demand Webinar: What’s New in Profound UI 4.5

Profound UI 4.5 is here, and this on-demand Webinar with IBM Champion Scott Klement gives you a front-row seat to see it in action!

Watch now and discover what the latest release of Profound Logic’s groundbreaking IBM i application and modernization suite has to offer, including:

-       A new open-source development framework that eliminates vendor lock in

-       SQL Security and parameter markers

-       Enhancements to the Visual Designer, new chart features, and more!

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Feature Article - Programming
Simplify SQL "With" Common Table Expressions

Use the WITH keyword to make your SQL statements easier to code and maintain.

sam lennonWritten by Sam Lennon

Common table expressions (CTEs) allow you to break down complex SQL logic into smaller pieces. This makes development and testing easier, and when you come back to the code next year you'll understand it more quickly. That can't be bad, and a CTE is not hard to use. In this article, I'll provide working examples of CTEs that demonstrate their ease of use and the clarity they can provide.


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