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September 2, 2009 | Vol 8 Issue 17


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Sponsor - T.L. Ashford & Associates
T.L. Ashford is “The Labeling Answer”® for the System i.

Ashford's Barcode400 has been the dependable choice for the industry since 1983. With Barcode400's newly enhanced Graphic Designer no “green screen” interaction is needed for label design. New features include: AFP/HP-compatible printing, easy-to-use graphics import tool, test print to desktop printer, simple font download tool, updated drivers and format listing reports. Even compliance labeling is made easy with design templates. Call 800-541-4893 to order your Fully-Functional, FREE Trial Software or visit us at T.L. Ashford & Associates.


Feature Article - Programming
Practical SQL: More Dynamic Selection Criteria

One of the most common issues in SQL is dealing with dates. This article will introduce you to the joys of dates, both legacy and date data type.

joe_plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

With the introduction of the date data type (and its siblings, the time and timestamp data types), the i5/OS database took a huge step forward. And although RPG's acceptance was a little more grudging, we eventually got to where we are today. However, if you're like many shops, you may have to deal with both legacy dates and date-type dates. And when you're talking about user-controlled queries, you still have to get those date values from the user via fields on the screen.


Feature Article - Programming
Use RPG String Manipulation Built-In Functions to Remove Spaces

Create a useful procedure to remove white space from strings in RPG.

tom_snyderWritten by Tom Snyder

In a previous article, I discussed how to use string manipulation built-in functions (BIFs) to process external files. I explained %TRIM, %TRIML, %TRIMR, %SUBST, %XLATE, %CHECK, and %CHECKR. But it was brought to my attention that I failed to mention the crucial string manipulation %SCAN BIF when an MC Press Online reader named Donna G. asked me, "Do you have any suggestions on how to strip out the blanks that are in the middle of data?" 


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