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September 24, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 18


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Programming
Taming EJB 3 Development with Rational Application Developer 7.5 and WebSphere 7

Harness RAD 7.5 power to persist data in DB2 for i.

By Jarek Miszczyk

I believe that EJB 3 and its core element, Java Persistence API (JPA), have finally fixed what had been broken in the J2EE data persistency specification. The inherent complexity of previous EJB versions significantly reduced the adoption of this technology. With the introduction of EJB 3, the sanity returned into the world of enterprise Java development. EJB3 is a new programming paradigm that rests on Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs), Java annotations, and the dependency injection design pattern. With EJB3, you can create well-performing, high-quality applications faster and at a lower cost.


Feature Article - Networking
Will WiFi Finally Mark the End of the Desktop Workstation?

As wireless networks proliferate, will traditional desktop workstations be relegated to the same fate as the daisy wheel printer?

joe_pluta.jpgBy Joe Pluta

I've been on the road lately doing a bit of consulting, and I've noticed a trend: More and more of my clients have moved partially or entirely to laptops for their developers. This is in direct contrast to what I saw just a couple of years back, when companies seemed to be moving toward more powerful desktops, especially with multiple monitors. Note that these are the same types of shops--typically leading edge (but not bleeding edge) development environments using either WebSphere Development Studio Client for the i (WDSC) or Rational Developer for the i (RDi) and Rational Developer for the i for SOA Construction (RDi SOA). So it's not the development tasks that are driving them. I wondered what was causing this trend, if indeed it was a trend. And I found a possible answer in the air....


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