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September 24, 2010 | Volume 7 Issue 38


TOP STORY: The CL Corner: Need Some Help with That Command? Part II
FEATURED ARTICLE: mrc Offers Users a Crash Course in Modernization
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Raz-Lee Enhances iSecurity Visualizer with BI Features
FORUM: Which User Has a Record Locked?
EVENT: COMMON 2010 Fall Conference and Expo
BLOG: System i Management Tips

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Win an iPad! Request a Presto White Paper or 30-day Free Trial. Presto gives all your IBM i green screens a modern Web GUI in one minute. Plus you get full control over the UI to add any rich web UI functionality all without changing any RPG, COBOL or DDS code! The WP discusses why you should modernize your 5250 applications and how Presto accomplishes this for you. The full trial lets you go beyond dated 24 x 80 displays with Presto’s Visual Screen Editor. Click for the WP or Free Trial and a chance to win an iPad.



Feature Article - Programming
The CL Corner: Need Some Help with That Command? Part II

Additional UIM capabilities provide more help text with user commands.

bruce_viningWritten by Bruce Vining

In the last article, "Need Some Help with That Command?", several User Interface Manager (UIM) tags related to the formatting of help text were introduced, including these:


Feature Article - Programming
mrc Offers Users a Crash Course in Modernization

Tool-maker supports an approach to modernizing legacy applications it calls "extend and surround" that advances the idea of eating the elephant one bite at a time.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

Application modernization is a process that has been ongoing for some time. Even though the momentum has picked up pace recently, there are companies that have been working on this challenge for awhile and have a depth of experience. Two new white papers from tool developer mrc can help clarify the issues a company must face when considering modernization alternatives and help companies select which one of several specific approaches it may wish to take on this journey toward application modernization.


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