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 September 26, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 18


In This Issue:
Training the Cross-Platform Team
>> Book Review: The Modern RPG IV Language, Fourth Edition

Feature Article - Career
Training the Cross-Platform Team

In these days of multiple languages and architectures, how do you cohesively train a group of people with very different development goals?

"We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."
—Benjamin Franklin

Two schools of thought exist in preparing software development teams. One is the compartmentalized approach, in which each person is involved in only his or her specific portion of the code and has no real contact with the other developers in the team, except through a project-tracking system.

The second approach is the group development effort, in which people not only are experts of their own domains, but are forced to walk a little way in the shoes of not only their coworkers but even their clients.


Feature Article - Programming
Book Review: The Modern RPG IV Language, Fourth Edition

This book isn't a training manual; it's a reference book.

The Modern RPG IV Language, Fourth Edition by Robert Cozzi, Jr. is the latest version of a book that has enjoyed a long history of popularity in the RPG community. With this book, MC Press continues its tradition of providing relevant and timely materials in a quality book format.


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