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September 28, 2007  |  Volume 4, Issue 39


In This Issue:
Waking the Sleeping Technophobe
>> TechTip: Debugging Remote JVMs with Eclipse
>> Partner TechTip: What's the Big Deal About File Shares?

Feature Article - Commentary
Waking the Sleeping Technophobe

Technology's charms can lull even the most ardent technophobe into a state of apathy, but it won't last long.

Sometimes, bad things happen to technophobes for good reason.

Cruising through life in relative comfort and happiness in an unwitting truce with technology for weeks at a time is no way for a guy like me to live. After all, I've got a potent grudge to nurture against technology's insidious influence, and a man who is—of all things—content can't possibly cultivate fear and loathing within himself. Fear and loathing are muscles; they must be exercised.


Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Debugging Remote JVMs with Eclipse

Learn how to use the built-in remote debugging capabilities provided by JVMs to diagnose server-side problems from within your Eclipse environment.

In a recent pre-requisite TechTip (i.e., "Getting Started with the Eclipse Java Debugger"), I wrote about how to use the Eclipse debugger to debug your Java applications. The attentive reader might have picked up on one very important detail: The article only discussed debugging local JVMs. This article is Part II of the series.


Advertorial - SkyView Partners, Inc.
Partner TechTip: What's the Big Deal About File Shares?

File shares can be a security risk if they're assigned to the wrong directory or if the object-level security for the directory or library is inappropriate for its contents.

Awhile back, I wrote about the need to pay attention to how the directories and the objects in directories (such as stream files) are secured. Now, I'm expanding on that to discuss file shares, another feature of the IFS that is often overlooked