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September 5, 2007  |  Volume 6, Issue 16


In This Issue:
SQL Triggers and Other Trigger Enhancements in V5
>> TechTip: Using Qshell from RPG to Compare Two Files
>> What's an RPGer to Do?

Feature Article - Programming
SQL Triggers and Other Trigger Enhancements in V5

Are you aware of everything you can do with triggers in i5/OS or OS/400?

One of IBM's better-kept secrets in V5R1 is the significant new trigger function provided in the OS/400 release. This ranges from SQL triggers, which provide a high degree of flexibility not found with external triggers, to read triggers, which can have a serious detrimental effect on system performance and throughput. These are the enhancements:

  • Read triggers (approach with extreme caution!)
  • Multiple triggers per database or trigger event
  • Named triggers
  • Change Physical File Trigger (CHGPFTRG) command
  • System Catalog trigger enhancements
  • SQL triggers

Let's review each one of these in detail, starting with the read trigger.


Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Using Qshell from RPG to Compare Two Files

Qshell's cmp (compare) command can easily tell you whether two files are exactly the same.

I have been on the System i for a number of years now, and it seems there is no end to the neat functionality I find on a regular basis to modernize and extend my existing applications.


Advertorial - System i Developer
What's an RPGer to Do?

In-depth education focused on developers can be hard to find.

With a sea of educational opportunities out there for System i folks, why is it so difficult to find a conference dedicated to the needs of RPG developers? Most of the System i events are general in nature and strive to cover the gamut—from system administration to security, networking, and the many flavors of System i application development. These events may serve quite well those System i technicians who wear many hats, but if you are primarily an RPG developer looking for in-depth help and advice, it is tough to find what you need at a general event at a reasonable price. It can also be hard to get away from the office for a full week.


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