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September 7, 2007  |  Volume 4, Issue 36


In This Issue:
Do You Stay Connected During Your Vacations?
>> TechTip: Using Vary Configuration Exit Points on i5/OS
>> Partner TechTip: Maintain AIX Availability Even When Running on System i

Feature Article - Commentary
Do You Stay Connected During Your Vacations?

Why do some people feel the need to bring their high-tech toys with them when visiting the great outdoors?

We all know that technology is taking over the world. But where do you draw the line? Where should we dig in and build that Maginot Line to prevent technology from taking over absolutely everything?
The other day, there was a discussion on the radio about bringing your high-tech toys with you during camping trips to the great outdoors. Imagine that: You canoe to some out-of-the-way lake in Algonquin Park, set up your tent, build a campfire, and then open up your laptop to check your email! Is there no one else who sees something wrong with this picture? But more and more people are doing just that. One person called in and described how excited his son was to climb the tallest peak in Killarney Provincial Park and, from there, immediately called his mom on the cell phone! Another caller complained about trying to relax at a campfire only to hear Dora the Explorer from one dire

Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Using Vary Configuration Exit Points on i5/OS

What is QIBM_QDC_VRYEXIT, and why do I care?

As a bit of background information, an exit point is a specific point in a system function or program where control can be passed to installation-specified programs. These programs are called "exit programs" because they provide an exit from the normal processing of the system function or program. The exit programs are typically programs created by users.


Advertorial - Vision Solutions, Inc.
Partner TechTip: Maintain AIX Availability Even When Running on System i

Provide the same robust high availability and data protection for AIX on System i as for native i5/OS environments.

For years, IBM and others have suggested using the LPAR and multiple operating system capabilities of System i to consolidate servers, thereby reducing administration costs while also taking advantage of the superior security and file system facilities on System i. Few companies have heeded this advice.


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