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September 9, 2011 | Volume 8 Issue 36


TOP STORY: TechTip: Connect ActionScript 3.0 with IBM i to Enable Flash Programs
FEATURED ARTICLE: CNX Upgrades Valence but Keeps Community Edition Free
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Automate Your IBM TS3500 Tape Library with Robot/SAVE
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Watson and Jeopardy! Relive History with Encore Presentation
FORUM: News About CGI_WRKDBF Utility
TRIAL SOFTWARE: Free unlimited trial of the Valence Web Application Framework for IBM i
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Sponsor - ASNA Wings
Free workshops: Give your RPG programs the user interface they deserve!

ASNA Wings modernizes your RPG green-screen user interfaces quickly and leaves all RPG logic and file IO untouched on the IBM i. With Wings, not only can you modernize user interface cosmetics, but you can also add vital program enhancements at the presentation layer—without needing to change or retest your server-side RPG logic.

To learn all about ASNA Wings, please join ASNA's Roger Pence, for this fast-track and informative half-day session. Roger shows you what ASNA Wings is, and then interactively presents how to use ASNA Wings to give your RPG the user interface it deserves.

Wednesday, September 28, in Raleigh/Durham
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Thursday, September 29, in Cincinnati

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Please join us for lunch afterwards!
A casual lunch will be served after the presentation. During this lunch we’ll have a group discussion about the challenges that an IBM i customer faces today.

Win an iPad!
One lucky attendee in each city will win a brand new iPad!


Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Connect ActionScript 3.0 with IBM i to Enable Flash Programs

It's true! You can allow Flash programs to work with IBM i via the IBM i host servers.

junlei_liWritten by Junlei Li

Adobe Flash (formerly SmartSketch FutureSplash, FutureSplash Animator, and Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to Web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements, games, and animations for broadcast. More recently, it has been positioned as a tool for the development of cross-platform Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).


Sponsor - IBM Power Systems Technical University
Attend 2011 IBM Power Systems Technical University.

Performance redefined. Refresh your skills and take a deep dive into the latest product updates.

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Feature Article - Programming
CNX Upgrades Valence but Keeps Community Edition Free

V3.0 supports mobile devices, has a newly designed portal and, in the paid enterprise edition, includes a fast new source editor.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

Sitting in the CIO session at last summer's OCEAN technical conference, I couldn't help but take note when one of the roundtable participants mentioned that his company had been using the Valence Framework from CNX Corp. The speaker, who headed the company's IT department, remarked, "It's amazing how much you can accomplish with the Valence Framework." Though he didn't go into detail, I suspect that he was impressed with Valence's AutoCode wizard, which helps the developer automatically write both front-end and back-end code for new programs, code that can later be extended and customized.


Advertorial - Help/Systems
Partner TechTip: Automate Your IBM TS3500 Tape Library with Robot/SAVE

Manage unattended backups using Robot/SAVE and your AML.

tom_huntingtonWritten by Tom Huntington

The IBM TS3500 can automatically load, unload, and eject tape volumes to provide an automated backup solution for IBM i servers. Yet, how many people can actually run this hardware unattended? Do your operators still start the process manually? Do they have to manually determine how to eject tapes and which tapes are available for daily backups?


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