Adopted Authority: Friend or Foe?

Carol discusses the pros and cons of using adopted authority.

carol woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

The answer to the question posed in the title of this article is "Yes." Let me explain. Adopted authority is very powerful and can be used as a method of elevating users' authority without actually giving them the authority directly. Adopted authority provides great flexibility, and I use it often when working with our clients. However, used without thought or with malice, adopted authority can pose a significant risk to your system. Perhaps for this reason, in some circles adopted authority has gotten a bad rap; the thought is that it's too dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. That's not my viewpoint, however. I'm a big fan of the power and flexibility of adopted authority, so let's look how it can be used safely.

Partner TechTip: Why PowerTech Network Security 6.50?

Users neglected the security void created by TCP/IP services for years, but exit programs can provide the robust solution today's threat environment demands.
robin tatamWritten by Robin Tatam

PowerTech Network Security, an exit program solution, was designed to fill a security void that appeared with the release of OS/400 V3R1 in the early 1990s, when IBM incorporated TCP/IP network server functionality into the Power Systems server. An exit program is an application program that is invoked before or after a user's request is performed and provides a function that the original software does not. In the case of network access, an exit program assists the operating system and should perform two critical tasks:

  • Audit the user transaction (the OS has very limited visibility to network activity)
  • Provide Access Control functions to limit backdoor data access and server functionality
Installing Zend Server on the i: How and Why

Want to get started with PHP on the i? Well, the first step is to download the products that are available on the i from Zend. And the first part of that is to download the Zend Server. But how? And why?

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

PHP on the i. Why am I bothering to write about this? Mostly because I think we have reached a point where every RPGer and every IBM i should have some capability to do web-oriented languages. You might use Ruby or CGIDEV or even Java, but I'm a PHP fan. You might decide to learn PHP yourself and build your own scripts, or you might find real PHP programmers and have them do the work for you. What's important is that unlike a web PHP app, which can be done on your PC, PHP apps that run on the i and interface with the DB2 database on the i, are going to need a development and run environment that runs on the i itself. And the best option for that is Zend Server. But many people have an ancestral fear of words that begin with "Z," so a little encouragement may help.

The CL Corner: True and False Conditions

Let's take a look at using logical variables.

bruce viningWritten by Bruce Vining

Recently, on TechTarget's IT Knowledge Exchange site, SundarNVS entered the following request:


"Hi! I have an iSeries [sic] database table that has a column name JOBQ. I want to update all records with JOBQ value QBATCH into 2 different jobq names for alternate records. I'm a CL programmer and looking for an example of updating a column via SQL that I can call from my CL in a loop."

In the Wheelhouse: The Question of Hiring IBM i Talent

Hiring new people may not be as complicated as we make it out to be.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

My task this spring was to hire a developer. We knew which way the business wanted to grow and needed some additional full-time development help to begin with. We had some "legacy" IBM Domino applications that desperately needed a refresh in terms of functionality and web enablement, plus we needed to be more flexible in doing custom development to augment the primary ERP systems. Also, the ability for new apps to be built with a responsive design was a must-have, given our growing demand for mobile computing.



New SP4i-Push Sends IBM i Notifications Instantly to iOS and Android Devices

Free Community Edition supports up to 10 users.

Bytware's IBM i Message Monitoring Tool Supports Centralized Log Collection and Reporting

Messenger 8.1 brings new features to enhance IBM i monitor and message management.

Merger Gives IBM i Market a Fresche Look

looksoftware joins the Fresche Legacy family, creating the only complete and one-stop application management and modernization partner for IBM i users. 

IBM Domino Utility Server V9.0.1 adds IBM Notes Browser Plug-in

The Notes Browser Plug-in allows web-based users to access traditional IBM Notes applications from Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers, without modification.

Worklight Foundation Cloud Offers Easy-to-Use, Dedicated, Scalable Mobile Environment on SoftLayer

IBM Worklight Foundation Cloud Edition V6.2 delivers the benefits of the Worklight Foundation V6.2 mobile application platform in a cloud environment.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud Service Adds Case Handling and Enhanced Mobile Uis

New features are built into IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) on Cloud.

Midrange Performance Group Announces Navigator MAX

Midrange Performance Group (MPG) today announces the general availability of Navigator MAX.

mrc's New Educational Event Program Helps Businesses Capitalize on New Technology

Designed for mrc clients and non-clients alike, these free online events will help businesses better understand and capitalize on changing technology.



Configuring IBM i iSeries Access Server to Use SSL

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