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Friday, 24 July 2009 14:09

New API enhancements make emailing functions easier than ever. 

 Quadrant Software, a leading provider of paperless process management solutions for the IBM i (System i, iSeries 400) and Windows enterprises, has announced the release of V4.7.5 of its FastFax enterprise faxing software. 

Quadrant's FastFax delivers the ability to send, receive, route, and manage mission-critical documents from within familiar business applications and/or email clients. Both user-friendly and completely secure, it provides centralized systems management that reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) while improving user productivity, according to the company. 

The release of FastFax V4.7.5 builds upon the solid foundation of the previous versions, adding capabilities to help companies of all sizes process their documents more efficiently. 

Enhancements include: 

New API Enhancements Make Emailing Functions Easier Than Ever

Users are now able to utilize API commands for complete control over how their documents are emailed. This includes customizing the email subject line for each emailed document based on specific spool file attributes thus giving each email an individual subject line and helping recipients identify important documents attached. Each file attachment can also have its name customized based on API commands, allowing for easy recognition of different attachments. 

A new global subject line prefix can also be setup as a default so that certain documents will always be emailed with a standard prefix followed by the email subject. 

New Support for Embedded API Commands for PDF Files

FastFax has been able to email and fax spool files as PDF documents for quite some time and now is adding API's that can be embedded into the PDF file for more control over how these documents are sent. API's include the recipient's fax and email, full name, company name and destination, among others. 

Support for 64 bit OS

The FastFax print driver enables users to fax any PC document (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) by simply using the file-print command and choosing FastFax as the printer option. The FastFax print driver now supports both Windows XP and Vista in 64 bit as well as the 64 bit versions of Windows Terminal Server 2003 and 2008. 

Support for MS Exchange Load Balancing

In an effort to provide high availability to their email systems, many companies are turning to load balancing. The new release 4.7.5 now supports MS Exchange 2007 in load balancing configuration, ensuring FastFax can comply with disaster recovery and high availability policies required in many companies. 

New Audit Table Purge Options

When using FastFax in conjunction with IntelliChief, a special Audit Table is created to track when faxes are created, sent, and archived into the imaging database. New purge options allow for users to determine when the audit table should be purged, if at all, making it independent from the system purge options previously available to purge inbound/outbound faxes and messages. 

Support for Domino 8.5

New V4.7.5 now supports Lotus Domino 8.5 running on both IBM i and Windows servers. 

FastFax 4.7.5 is available immediately. It requires IBM i V5R2 or higher and is fully compatible with IBM i V6R1. 

FastFax customers on previous releases will gain significant advantages when upgrading to the latest 4.7.5 release. The upgrade is free for customers currently enrolled in the maintenance program. 

For more information about FastFax, please contact Quadrant at (508) 594-2700, email sales@quadrantsoftware.com, or visit www.quadrantsoftware.com 

About Quadrant Software

Quadrant Software, an Advanced IBM Business Partner, has been providing Paperless Process Management (PPM) solutions since 1990. Started as a pioneer in fax server technology, Quadrant Software now provides enterprise-class PPM applications to Global 2000 companies world-wide and in a variety of industries. This includes document management, electronic forms, fax servers, MICR checks, barcode labels, imaging and workflow products. Over the years, they have helped companies reduce expenses, increase productivity, and improve communication. Quadrant Software has offices in Massachusetts, Florida, and the U.K.

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