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IBM Analytics

So you’re new to Watson Analytics. You’ve checked out the sample data. You might have even tried out Watson Analytics for Social Media. But after all this you’re thinking, “What do I do now?” If this sounds like you, watch on for five everyday data sources you may not have considered.

You can try Watson Analytics - free. Go to and sign up!

The Watson Speech to Text service has undergone a host of improvements to make it more powerful than ever. In this webinar, we'll cover some of the newest features, including language model customization and diarization.

In this demo, we’ll show you how to quickly set up several types of queries to explore the pre-enriched news content in Watson Discovery. To get to the screen where you can make your own queries, simply create a Discovery instance on Bluemix at

Stamplay makes it easy to chain services and deploy to messaging platforms with little to no code. See how Watson Conversation can be quickly integrated into chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Slack. Learn more about Watson Conversation and start your free trial today:

Join Ernesto as he uses Watson Company Profiler, an artificial intelligence software as a solution (SaaS) app currently in development. Ernesto is looking for a company to partner with to complete a solar energy installation project for his client’s infrastructure revitalization initiative. See how in a few steps he finds a good fit from a vast amount of data.

Not all the data you need to analyze is in a spreadsheet. And some of it can't fit in a spreadsheet. Watson Analytics Professional Edition easily connects to popular databases like EventBrite, HubSpot, SugarCRM and SurveyMonkey. This is their story.

If you are new to Streams and/or to the Streaming Analytics service on Bluemix, this video is a great way to get started using the stock trades starter application. This is a simple application that analyzes stock quotes and computes the rolling average price for each company.

We might not all be nuclear physicists, but some of us are. Take Dr. David Farley, for example, who is a principal member of Sandia’s technical staff, with the Department of Energy. David, who works with some of the world’s brightest minds in the fields of nuclear energy and security, is a technology evangelist across Sandia and other government organizations.

This video is intended for beginners, to help them get started with authoring dashboards.

Try IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media for free:

Understanding the social sentiment tied to your business shouldn’t be a burden on your time or resources. But with so much social data at your fingertips, where do you start to set yourself apart from your competitors? Or better yet, learn more about them? Introducing Watson Analytics for Social Media which can cut through the chatter and give you actionable insights from your social media data.

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