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The most important thing for making Blockchain ready for the enterprise is for operators to make it easy to consume. Thinking through day 2, day 3, and post installment requires operators to remain consistent the whole project.  RackN's Rob Hirschfeld and IBM's Chris Ferris discuss best practices in moving from development to operations for Blockchain technology. Learn more:

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 14:10

The value of data science insights

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The insights from data science must go into production to be truly valuable, so developers must take results and infuse them into intelligent applications and automate processes. The IBM Watson Data Platform makes operationalization of these insights top priroity while giving data scientists and developers the right tools to collaborate. More details:

The advanced container orchestration of Kubernetes is now integrated into the IBM Bluemix Container Service. Jason McGee, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform, explains how this will fuel secure and rapid development of cognitive apps. Learn more:

Cloud technology enables an easy start to Business Process Management and Operational Decision Management projects without setting up infrastructure. Focus on your organization's skills and expertise and let IBM manage the infrastructure for you:

Companies are leveraging Aspera's high-speed file transfer in many ways, often as infrastructure and storage as a service. More specialized use cases involve media companies transcoding in the cloud, academic and medical researchers executing high-performance computing, and engineering firms developing applications directly for the cloud. Learn more:

IBM Cloud Product Insights gives clients with heavy investment in middleware a pathway to more success with hybrid environments. Insights on how systems are performing and being utilized produce cognitive recommendations for optimizing performance & accelerating adoption. Learn more here:

Abby Kearns, Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation, talks about the developer engagement focus in the Cloud Foundry and the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit. Learn more at

See how Lella has inspired hundreds of IBMers by talking sharing her passion for coding, her fascination of IBM Bluemix, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and a World of Watson.

Learn more at
IBM is proud to announce IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization, which is focused on addressing the concerns of security and compliance for enterprises. Created on single-tenant IBM Bluemix bare-metal servers on IBM Cloud, it is the first cloud offering to leverage HyTrust and Intel TXT security technologies to solve for compliance by tagging and enforcing set policies, offering forensic logging, low-latency encryption, and key management.

Technical experts discuss the latest technologies to be found at IBM InterConnect 2017. Learn more:

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