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IBM Cloud
Friday, 28 April 2017 11:28

3 Reasons to leverage Bluemix Garage

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Building cognitive applications that fit IBM Cloud, gaining cloud platform expertise, and adopting the Garage Method for better design and delivery are all reasons clients leverage the Bluemix Garage. Learn more:

Abby Kearns, Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation, talks about the developer engagement focus in the Cloud Foundry and the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit. Learn more at

Cloud technology enables an easy start to Business Process Management and Operational Decision Management projects without setting up infrastructure. Focus on your organization's skills and expertise and let IBM manage the infrastructure for you:

With IBM's unique Watson capabilities weaved into all services, developers can grab IoT data and store in the cloud in streams, feeding AI and machine learning for faster decision making and new insights in customer trends & behaviors. Learn more:

The modern dev environment provisions in 5 minutes. When launching a new project, developers should be able to begin writing code immediately without the usual roadblocks.  Watch Koding's Devrim Yasar and IBM's Jonas Jacobi discuss and learn more here:

IBM and Kubernetes have expanded container services so developers can build faster with secure virtualization. Learn more:

IBM Cloud Product Insights gives clients with heavy investment in middleware a pathway to more success with hybrid environments. Insights on how systems are performing and being utilized produce cognitive recommendations for optimizing performance & accelerating adoption. Learn more here:

To learn more about high-performance computing on IBM Cloud, visit:
Rescale provides scalable, secure and on-demand high-performance computing to deliver better results faster. Rescale partners with IBM Cloud to provide IBM's robust infrastructure through the Rescale platform.

See what IBM Cloud has been up to at World of Watson 2016. For more session content, please visit

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 18:37

IBM Cloud Video Scene Detection Technology

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IBM Cloud Video is piloting new experimental cognitive technology that can automate the process of segmenting video into scenes based on content. This demonstration uses footage from The Weather Channel’s “Grid Breakers” online series to show how the technology can create scenes by analyzing video.

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