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IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud Product Insights gives clients with heavy investment in middleware a pathway to more success with hybrid environments. Insights on how systems are performing and being utilized produce cognitive recommendations for optimizing performance & accelerating adoption. Learn more here:

Learn more about high performance computing solutions on IBM Cloud at
Ah, the power of partnerships! IBM Cloud, together with MapD and Bitfusion, were able to scale up to 64 Tesla™ K80 GPUs across 32 servers to filter, query and aggregate a 40-billion-row dataset in just 271 milliseconds. That's a mind-blowing 147 billion rows per SECOND.

See what IBM Cloud has been up to at World of Watson 2016. For more session content, please visit

Technical experts discuss the latest technologies to be found at IBM InterConnect 2017. Learn more:

Driving augmented intelligence across the business means infusing cognitive capabilities into all applications and processes. Hear IBM's Shahz Ahfal and Telematica's Rich Miller discuss how cognitive is driving the next generation of systems management, from managing infrastructure and middleware to apps and data.  Learn more here:

To learn more about high-performance computing on IBM Cloud, visit:
Rescale provides scalable, secure and on-demand high-performance computing to deliver better results faster. Rescale partners with IBM Cloud to provide IBM's robust infrastructure through the Rescale platform.

Friday, 28 April 2017 11:28

3 Reasons to leverage Bluemix Garage

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Building cognitive applications that fit IBM Cloud, gaining cloud platform expertise, and adopting the Garage Method for better design and delivery are all reasons clients leverage the Bluemix Garage. Learn more:

See how Lella has inspired hundreds of IBMers by talking sharing her passion for coding, her fascination of IBM Bluemix, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and a World of Watson.

Friday, 28 April 2017 11:30

Key trends for Cloud developers

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Data science and cognitive development are key trends for developers in 2017.  Willie Tejada sheds light on how roles are changing as data and cognitive fuse together. Learn more:

Learn more at
IBM is proud to announce IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization, which is focused on addressing the concerns of security and compliance for enterprises. Created on single-tenant IBM Bluemix bare-metal servers on IBM Cloud, it is the first cloud offering to leverage HyTrust and Intel TXT security technologies to solve for compliance by tagging and enforcing set policies, offering forensic logging, low-latency encryption, and key management.

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