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As a developer, I can deliver changes and get immediate feedback on the production readiness of my changes for production. Create an issue from GitLab to introduce new load tests.
Deliver new code from the WebIDE and Git web console.
Follow progress of the change through the Composite Pipeline.
Review of the Production Stage gate.
Launch into Deployment Risk Advisor to review aggregated test information across all services.
Review failure of the Production Gate job.
Review code coverage regression from DRA.
Deliver fix from WebIDE (revert change until new tests can be written).
Review traceability of the git commit to see where it has been deployed; only pushed to Staging since the Production Gate blocked promotion.
New fix pushed through from Staging to Production; code coverage regression resolved.

Michael Curry (VP Engineering, Watson Financial Services) and Suzanne Livingston (Offerings Management, Watson Financial Services) talk about new financial services industry developer opportunities and resources on developerWorks. more at

Willie Tejada (Chief Developer Advocate, IBM) talks with his leadership team on the latest with the IBM developer ecosystem strategy - Angel Diaz (VP, Developer Technology & Advocacy), Catherine Solazzo (VP, Ecosystem Programs & Experience) and Joel Horwitz (VP, Ecosystem & Partnership Development).

Migration to the newest version of WebSphere, WebSphere V9, is easier than ever. With Clone Migration, you can maintain a stable environment while upgrading to V9 and keep your old system running until your new environment is ready. Find out how:  

With the WebSphere Clone Migration Wizard you can also test and verify your new environment before bringing it online as well as use the old release as a quick fall back strategy. This reduces your costs in planning and carrying out the migration.

If you have migration questions, IBM offers live help through their Level 2 migration support team at no charge, as well as a rich set of self-service tools, guides, educational workshops, and best practices. Visit the WebSphere Migration Knowledge Collection Center for all your migration needs by clicking here:

So what are you waiting for? Easily upgrade to WebSphere V9 and start taking advantage of all the benefits it has to offer!

Vijay Bhadriraju, IBM Senior Software Engineer, takes you through the IBM Cloud Product Insights service on IBM Bluemix. This video demo corresponds to the developerWorks article "Track, monitor, and optimize middleware servers with IBM Cloud Product Insights" at:

Design and operate your decisions on the IBM Bluemix cloud. Learn how to run the service, deploy decisions and run them in the cloud. The Business Rules service for Bluemix lets business users and developers automate and execute frequently occurring, repeatable rules-based business decisions. You'll also be able to quickly model decisions and test them at lower costs by reducing the need for IT skills.

More at

Try Cloud Native Development on Bluemix!

IBM Bluemix makes cloud and mobile app developers more productive in building cognitive apps. This video shows how to use the Bluemix CLI Dev plugin to create a web app that connects to App ID authentication service.