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IBM Security

IBM Trusteer introduces phishing protection using machine learning and advanced analytics to help detect evolving phishing attacks. This new technology continuously analyzes data from millions of endpoints to identify thousands of phishing sites. This new cognitive approach to phishing protection can automatically block users from accessing malicious sites at a speed and scale like never before, protecting users within minutes of detection. Phishing protection using machine learning is a huge leap forward in the speed, accuracy, and volume of phishing detection.

Taylor’s company uses MaaS360 with Watson, IBM’s unified endpoint management platform with cognitive intelligence and analytical capabilities. Greg’s organization uses a traditional EMM solution, built for a simpler time, without any cognitive capabilities. Even though they have similar IT responsibilities, on a typical day, Taylor and Greg have a different “to-do” list. Join them for a standard day at the office, and decide which solution you’d rather use to help your business achieve its digital transformation.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 18:48

Insider Threat Protection Services from IBM

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Are you taking the right steps to protect your organization from insider threats? IBM X-Force data shows that 60% of all attacks involved insiders in 2015, and 44.5% involved malicious, trusted users. Keeping your organization safe starts with your people – knowing who they are, and being able to predict or spot malicious behaviors.

In Part 2 of this 3-part tech talk, Omar Raza gives guidance on how to prepare for an upgrade and what to expect during the upgrade.

Monday, 17 April 2017 12:36

The Art of Threat Hunting

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No matter how secure you think your organization is, determined attackers will find a way in. What's worse, is once they are in, they often go undetected for weeks, or even months. So how can you identify and disrupt these unknown attackers and threats? Cyber threat hunting. Cyber threat hunting is a new practice many mature organizations are now folding into their security strategy. It takes advantage of all available data sources, both internal and external, to generate a comprehensive understanding of your threat scape while developing actionable intelligence about how to counter or mitigate these threats. Tune in to our next Cyber Beat episode to learn more about cyber threat hunting, and how your organization can start proactively identifying your unknown cyber threats.

IBM Security has launched a new team of global experts - IBM X-Force IRIS, to help clients prepare for and rapidly respond to security threats. Our seasoned experts and consultants deliver threat intelligence services, incident preparedness planning and onsite response services to help organizations stay ahead of the threat.

In Part 3 of this 3-part tech talk, Vlad Langman explains the phases of a Guardium upgrade to v10 and where to find diagnostics.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson joins IBM CEO Ginni Rometty for her InterConnect 2017 keynote to outline how customers benefit from their business partnership. As Randall describes, it all begins with enrolling endpoints in IBM MaaS360 to enable secure access to proprietary data and network resources. Ginni adds that the insights that businesses can glean from in-depth analytics, and the security that can be achieved at high volume with the Internet of Things (IoT), are both imperative to client success.

In Part 1 of this 3-part tech talk, Vlad Langman describes planning considerations for upgrading to Guardium V10 and provides enterprise upgrade strategies for a variety of starting point environments.

X-Force Command Center, IBM Security's global array of Security Operations Centers, protect 4,500 clients across 133 countries.
X-Force Command Centers serve as IBM Security’s global threat monitoring and intelligence centers, built with cognitive in mind. Acting as a single global entity, the command centers provide 24/7/365 security monitoring for IBM’s Managed Security Services clients. X-Force Command Centers currently handle over 20 billion security events per day, with the capability to scale to over 35 billion+ security events daily (or 1 TRILLION events each month.)
The 24x7 “watch floor” within the SOC incorporates state-of-the-art technology, programs, processes and facilities that increase collaboration and capacity to help our analysts work smarter.
Our analysts have access to tools like Watson for Cyber Security arming them with the ability to quickly synthesize large amounts of data and come to evidenced based recommendations and conclusions quickly for our clients.
Using the IBM X-Force Intelligence, the SOCs bring in 200 thousand new pieces of threat intelligence daily by leveraging insights from analysis of over 100 million web pages and images, collect data from 270 million endpoints, and pull in the expansive library of threat research from IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence team.

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