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Listen to Chris Sullivan from the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing at Oregon State University talk about his goals for Power Systems in High Performance Computing (HPC) and the differentiators he sees with POWER8 and POWER9 innovation relative to Intel as they move traditional HPC learning to deep learning.

Dan Galvan, VP, Storage Systems Marketing and Strategy, describes how IBM has helped thousands of clients analyze and manage the increasing avalanche of information.

Trends & directions session from IBM InterConnect 2017.

A quickly growing social and mobile workforce is driving volumes of important information that needs to traverse between legacy systems and cloud. Linking cloud and on-premise storage will speed up digital transformation, application deployment and cognitive business. Forward-looking organizations are stepping beyond coexistence with integrated hybrid cloud storage strategies that are data-centric, intelligent and flexible. Drawing on several case studies, IBM Storage will demonstrate the advantages of thinking outside the box and adopting cloud as an integrated part of any storage portfolio.

Speakers: Tahir Ali, City of Hope National Medical Center Russell Kennedy, IBM Bina Hallman, IBM Deepak Mohan, IDC

This video demonstrates how to use the Show In Data Flow tool and the Occurrences in Compilation Unit tool.

This video demonstrates how to find dead code or identify unreachable code in your procedure division.

IBM Developer for z Systems has a feature in the context menu called Identify Unreachable Code. This feature produces an action that looks through your procedure division for statements that are unconditionally branched around or not performed.

This video demonstrates how to use ISPF Search using IBM Developer for z System’s LPEX Editor.

IDz offers high quality ISPF search emulation. From the command line , you can do a standard search, search first and last, first and last within column boundaries, search stack commands and more.

This video demonstrates how to locate a specific PDS member within a large source library.

This video demonstrates how to find dead data and fields in your program that have no references.

This video shows how to use MVS File Filters to organize and access Data Source Names throughout a Logical partition or

This video demonstrates how to take SPUFI files in TSO and run sequel statements in the SPUFI files using IBM Developer for z Systems.

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