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Profound UI: Unlock True Modernization from your IBM i Enterprise

Modern, web-based applications can make your Enterprise more efficient, connected and engaged. This session will demonstrate how the Profound UI framework is the best and most native way to convert your existing RPG applications and develop new modern applications for your business. Additionally, you will learn how you can address modernization across your Enterprise, including databases and legacy source code, with Profound Logic.

We will demonstrate how Profound UI:

  • Goes beyond simple screen-scraping to truly modernize your RPG applications
  • Uses RPG Open Access and your own RPG code and development talent to modernize
  • Supports rapid development with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Designer
  • Integrates with our on-the-fly modernization, mobile development, and Enterprise Modernization solutions

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Implementing Multiple Layers of Defense

Your IBM i holds a massive amount of data. In most organizations, that data constitutes a mission-critical and high-value asset.
How do you adequately protect the data residing on your IBM i, given its value to your organization? IBM has provided us with many options for protecting our data, but it’s now always clear how to select and implement the best options for your circumstances.
This recorded webinar describes IBM i’s different data security options, along with implementation recommendations and tips for getting started. Carol Woodbury, one of the world’s top IBM i security experts, also provides considerations to help you determine how many layers of security are right for your organization.

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Take Your Query Tool to the Next Level

 There’s a better way to run your queries. With an advanced query tool like Sequel, you can deliver IBM i data you need quickly and efficiently—without the hang-ups of a basic query tool. In this session, we address common frustrations with the IBM i basic query tool, discuss major data access and distribution trends, and help you understand what to look for in a more advanced query tool.
Plus, you’ll learn how a tool like Sequel helps you:

  • Get up and running queries quickly
  • Make decisions with real-time data
  • Boost productivity with runtime prompts
  • Increase flexibility for users to access data
Watch the on-demand webinar now and learn why it’s time to take your queries up a notch.


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Security Considerations When Implementing and Using Access Client Solutions (ACS)

Because IBM i Access is not supported on Windows 10 clients, now is the time to migrate to Access Client Solutions (ACS), the strategic client solution provided by IBM. In this recorded webinar, IBM i security expert Carol Woodbury and her guest, Tim Rowe of IBM, discuss ACS and related security considerations. You'll find out what ACS is and what security considerations you should be aware of during the initial deployment and configuration of ACS.

Carol and Tim also discuss:


  • Benefits to the security administrator of using ACS (over IBM i Access)
  • Other security considerations when using ACS
  • Recent enhancements to ACS unrelated to security

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Pick Your Path to Better Document Management

Is babysitting documents through workflows driving you crazy? Are you tired of manually re-keying data day after day? Or are you simply losing your mind in an endless sea of paper documents?
Don’t let your document management problem send your head spinning any longer. Watch the webinar to pick your path to better document management.
You’ll learn how to solve your:

  • Workflow problem
  • Data entry problem
  • Paper problem
Plus, we’ll demonstrate how HelpSystems Document Management (RJS) products will help you along the way.


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Who’s Afraid of Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS? Not i.

This 30-minute recording demystifies Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS and teaches best practice techniques for maintaining and controlling critical processes and applications running on your Linux, AIX, and VIOS environments.

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Data Breaches: Is IBM i Really at Risk?

IBM i is known for its security, but this OS could be more vulnerable than you think.

Although Power Servers often live inside the safety of the perimeter firewall, the risk of suffering a data leak or data corruption remains high.

Watch noted IBM i security expert Robin Tatam as he discusses common ways that this supposedly “secure” operating system may actually be vulnerable and who the culprits might be.

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Easy Mobile Development


  • Scott Klement, IBM Champion & Profound Logic Product Developer
  • Amanda Blackburn, Profound Logic Marketing Manager
Learn how you can rapidly and easily deploy mobile apps to your organization – even when working with legacy RPG code! Attend this live Webinar and discover how Profound Mobile helps you:
  • Deploy secure applications for any mobile device
  • Build one application for all platforms, including Apple and Android
  • Extend the life and reach of your IBM i (aka iSeries, AS400) platform
You’ll see examples from customers who have used our products and services to deliver the mobile applications of their dreams, faster and easier than they ever thought possible!

Watch this Webinar Now!

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