IBM Collaboration Accelerator and IBM WebSphere Portal Server V8.5 IFR1 Bundle

Business Intelligence
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IBM Collaboration Accelerator and WebSphere Portal Server V8.5 IFR1 provides, in one affordable offering, the capabilities that are designed to:


    • Give you an integrated digital experience that delivers instant messaging, web conferencing, shared content libraries, and access to social networks from within web applications, providing social and collaboration capabilities when and where teams need it.


    • Develop and nurture a network of business colleagues whose expertise can be called upon as business needs evolve.


    • Work with teammates on shared business objectives in real time using instant messaging and web meetings.


    • Socialize important documents so that colleagues can find the right content faster.



New capabilities in IBM Connections V5.0 make it easier for a company's employees to work with customers and business partners on projects. Employees can be empowered to invite customers and business partners to join communities and collaborate on projects and documents. Enhancements have been made throughout IBM Connections to make relevant content more accessible, encourage brainstorming on new ideas, and organize the content that is shared in communities.


Enhancements in IBM Connections V5.0 include:


    • Updated features for collaborating with external users.


    • Smarter content filtering leading to more relevant content.


    • Community folders for improved organization of content.


    • File grid view and preview to expedite locating needed documents.


    • The IBM Connections V5.0 supporting program, IBM Forms Experience Builder, that delivers community surveys that is now at V8.5.1.



IBM Connections Content Manager provides content management capabilities for Communities in IBM Connections. IBM Connections Content Manager V5.0 includes an enhanced installation procedure for this add-on.

IBM WebSphere Portal Server V8.5 IFR1:


    • Further enables line-of-business users to manage your digital properties.


    • Delivers highly relevant, social, and multichannel digital experiences for your audiences.


    • Allows you to even more effectively and efficiently craft engaging digital experiences through intuitive in-line editing and drag-and-drop assembly of content.


    • Provides robust out-of-the-box templates that are mobile ready.



IBM Collaboration Accelerator and WebSphere Portal Server V8.5 IFR1 bundle continues to include IBM Sametime V9.0. IBM Sametime V9.0 helps teams work together, build trust, and make better decisions regardless of the distance separating the participants.


Complete your social business experience by enabling individuals to interact in real time through instant messaging, voice, and video. Accelerate your social business by enabling key decision makers to share content and instantly gauge reaction through high-definition, continuous presence video.


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