IBM Docs V1.0.5 Enhancements

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IBM Docs is a web-based socially enabled online office productivity suite that is designed to help teams more efficiently create, share, edit, and review documents. Think of IBM Docs as an online group pen and paper. Teams can share, create, edit, and review word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents together. Or individuals can work alone, whatever the need calls for. IBM Docs, however, does not have its own filing drawer. Instead, it depends on an existing file repository (IBM Connections). IBM Docs improves productivity by reducing team collaboration burdens and also helps cut costs by decreasing reliance on desktop software.


IBM Docs integrates with IBM Connections V4.5 and supports both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice file formats. With IBM Docs V1.0.5, you can co-edit documents directly from the Apple iPad using IBM Connections Mobile App V4.4. You can also connect the iPad to a projector and play a slide show in full screen while seeing your slides, speaker notes, a timer, and an annotation tool in dual screen mode.



IBM Docs V1.0.5 enhancements:


    • New mobile option that connects the Apple iPad to a projector so you can play a slide show for your audience in full screen while seeing your slides, speaker notes, a time and an annotation tool in dual screens.


    • Spreadsheet performance improvements with improved styling of toolbar and menu layout, more multicolumn operations, .xlsx export, 10k row support, additional formulas, and new preference setting to set .xlsx as default format when creating new spreadsheet.


    • Presentation updates include hyperlinks, shape and chart rendering, a new shared slide show mode, .pptx export, and new preference setting to set pptx as default format when creating new presentations.


    • Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)



In use cases where real-time collaboration is needed, IBM Docs allows multiple editors to simultaneously co-edit a document. When you need to work on a document together but at different times, IBM Docs supports commenting and discussions, allowing conversations to take place in context. Comments are anchored to the text, spreadsheet cell, or presentation artifact allowing easy navigation to the context of the comment. Comments can be general comments or directed (@userid). IBM Docs gives users the ability to filter comments by author and recipient.


IBM Docs leverages the file management features of IBM Connections Files allowing users to upload and share documents and manage versions so users can always work on the most current version or restore back to a previous version if needed. Furthermore, IBM Docs lets users share online documents with others as readers or editors. Editors have full rights to edit the document with other editors. Readers have the ability to view the most recent version of a document. IBM Docs also leverages the features of IBM Communities so that community documents, including Microsoft Office templates, can be shared or edited within the context of that community.


IBM Docs can be purchased as an add-on for IBM Connections 4.5x customers. IBM Docs can also be purchased by IBM Notes, Domino, and Portal customers with Connections Files entitlement.


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