Sterling B2B Integrator Basic Edition V5.2.4 Helps You Connect to Your Trading Partners

Business Intelligence
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Organizations are looking for ways to create more intelligent networks of business partners, customers, and suppliers in order to enhance efficiency and profitability. However, business-to-business (B2B) interactions do not exist in isolation, and must be integrated with your internal systems and processes.


IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic Edition V5.2.4 enables the secure integration of complex B2B processes with diverse partner communities. As organizations are increasingly faced with ever more complex B2B integration challenges across ever more diverse partner communities, Sterling B2B Integrator Basic Edition provides a single, flexible B2B gateway that enables companies to solve core B2B integration needs.


New in V5.2.4

  • Enterprise-quality B2B integration capabilities focused on entry-level supply chain needs.


IBM Sterling B2B Integrator enables you to:

  • Improve business processes beyond enterprise boundaries.
  • Use security-rich integration to connect with business partners.
  • Employ a range of communications methods to meet wide-ranging technology requirements.
  • Manage data and applications with flexible tools.
  • Work with IBM Sterling B2B integrator Mobile to access capabilities from mobile devices.


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