Partner TechTip: Using Your Data Anywhere Is Easier Than You Think

Business Intelligence
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How do you leverage business information for on-the-spot analysis?


Need to provide critical business data to executives, managers, and business analysts, but find that the amount of training and supervision required is preventing you from providing a hands-on reporting tool for the business community? Is the thought of another software product to support across the entire network of users just too grand a plan with your limited staff? Need a fully functional, data?retrieving user interface that is as familiar and as easy to use as the Web? Do you have people that need to access data on the road for critical accounts and decisions?


You can download data from your IBM i DB2/400 database to a PC as word processor files, PDF files, or spreadsheet files. However, it can be difficult to be flexible and creative or to perform detailed analysis using these formats without considerable effort. And you often must make decisions based on limited information. It would be great to have a tool that can access database data across the enterprise, for analysis, where and when it is needed—a tool that leaves no software footprint on the PC and is as easy to use as a Web browser.

The SEQUEL Web Interface Is the Solution

The SEQUEL Web Interface is the easiest, most cost-effective way to work with SEQUEL objects and access your enterprise data. It lets you use dashboards, views, reports, tables, scripts, and applications—all from a Web browser. Use the SEQUEL Web Interface to create lists of your SEQUEL objects, display results, download data to your PC, print, email, and more—without installing any PC software.

The Explorer

SEQUEL Web Interface offers two user interfaces: the new Explorer interface and the Classic interface.


The new SEQUEL Web Interface Explorer is a friendly, interactive, and powerful interface. New SEQUEL users will discover an intuitive interface that offers single-click access to SEQUEL objects. Current SEQUEL ViewPoint users will find the Explorer to be familiar, powerful, and easy to use. And, because a Web-based interface means no software to load on PCs, you can quickly and inexpensively provide users with portable access to information from anywhere in the organization.


Hundreds of companies use the Classic interface to share IBM i data with users via a Web browser. You can share data with external users by creating a "data portal" for clients, vendors, your salespeople—anyone you want to share data with.



Figure 1: Use the Explorer interface to access and filter your SEQUEL objects. (Click images to enlarge.)

Small Footprint, Big Capabilities

Use the SEQUEL Web Interface Explorer to:

  • Display view results (static, regrouping, and prompted) quickly and securely.
  • Download and save data in various file formats.
  • Send data as email attachments.
  • Perform drill-down and graphing operations for business applications.
  • Display, print, and save host and client reports and client tabling views in various file formats.
  • Submit host reports to run in batch on the IBM i server.
  • Launch scripts and drill-down applications with a simple click.



Figure 2: Display dashboards containing graphics, charts, and gauges in a separate browser tab.

Display and Access Data Securely

With the SEQUEL Web Interface, access to your SEQUEL objects and data is secure. If you have IBM i object-level security configured, you can specify that anyone who wants to access a SEQUEL view using the SEQUEL Web Interface must log on with a valid IBM i user ID and password. Any access to the SEQUEL objects and files they use is validated against their user credentials.


You also can secure the SEQUEL Web Interface by securing the objects the Power Systems HTTP server uses. The HTTP server uses user profile and password security to limit access from the Internet or an intranet. And, because the HTTP server is read-only, the SEQUEL Web Interface does not allow users to make changes to the data. The result is fast, easy, agile, secure, and cost-effective access to your data.


See how SEQUEL can browse the data from your existing PC technology while making your data easier to obtain and more portable. Call us at 800.328.1000 to ask for a demo or to try a free 30?day trial. Or view an online video presentation of the SEQUEL Web Interface.

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