Copy-and-Paste with the AFP Viewer

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The AFP Viewer program, provided with the V3R1M1 Client Access/400 refresh, provides a copy-and-paste function that you might find useful. If you are currently viewing spool files in an emulation program, you might have problems copying the portion of the spool file that you want to work with, unless you have configured the emulation program for 132-column viewing. With the AFP Viewer program, you can resize the spool file image so that you can view the entire spool file width on your display. You can then copy an area from the displayed image.

To copy the spool text, first display the spool file in the AFP viewer. You can select the spool file to display in the System Object Access Printer Output display. In the list of spool files, double click the spool file in the output name column. That starts the AFP Viewer, displaying the spool file. (For more information about System Object Access, see System Object Access—Application or API? in the May/June 1995 issue of PC Support Expert.)

Next, click the change magnification factor icon, or select the View:Zoom menu item. That displays the Zoom dialog shown in Figure 1. Select a magnification factor that will let you see all of the spool file that you need to work with.

Now, select the area of the spool file that you want to copy, on the Viewer display (see Figure 2). You select the area by dragging the mouse from one corner to the opposite corner of the area. After indicating the area, select a copy option from the Edit menu.

The Edit menu includes two copy options. The first, Copy (Bitmap), copies the spool file text as an image. You can work with that image file as a graphic, but you cannot directly edit the text data. If you select the second option, Copy (Text), the selected area is copied as text. You can then make any changes you need directly to the text.


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Figure 1: The AFP Viewer Zoom Dialog Box Figure 2: Copying an Area of Text from a Spool File


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