IBM Marketing Center Application Features Digital Analytics, Email Marketing, and More

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IBM Marketing Center is an all-in-one, intuitive solution for web and mobile sites that combines digital analytics data with real-time marketing execution. Solution capabilities include web testing, email marketing, and site personalization.

As customers and prospects interact with websites and digital marketing programs, they share valuable information about their individual interests, needs, and intentions. IBM Marketing Center enables marketers to use this valuable information and to respond quickly with personalized site content, emails, and list-targeting programs. The product includes the following capabilities:

  • Unlock hidden value in digital interactions by making the detailed behavioral data that visitors generate readily accessible within real-time site personalization and email marketing tools.
  • Deliver real-time marketing communications designed for each customer to create a more relevant and compelling communication experience.
  • Reduce IT cost, complexity, and delay previously required to integrate digital analytics, email, and site personalization. Analysis, targeting, personalization, and execution are available in one intuitive application.
  • Complement your existing web analytics solutions.
  • For IBM Coremetrics customers, get started with no need to retag.
  • Save effort and eliminate human error by using built-in automated tracking and analytics.
  • Use automated tracking, analytics, and website testing to optimize digital marketing.
  • Use modules from the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management suite to enhance and expand built-in solution capabilities.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for digital marketers combines analytics, website testing, email marketing, site personalization, and more features in one intuitive, real-time marketing application. IBM Marketing Center offers the following capabilities:

  • Draws on digital analytics data and enables import of offline sales data.
  • Incorporates analytical insight directly into easy-to-use targeting features.
  • Helps marketers carry out, analyze, and optimize targeted, real-time site personalization, email  marketing, and list-targeting programs themselves, without burdening technical resources.
  • Includes automated marketing tracking.
  • Includes website testing.
  • Expands by adding additional product modules from the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management suite.


  • Digital profiles: Tracks and stores a customer's complete digital interaction history.
  • Offline data extensions: Imports customer, marketing, and other offline data extensions to augment the digital profile.
  • Standard IBM Coremetrics tags: No additional tagging is required for existing IBM Coremetrics customers. New customers add standard IBM Coremetrics , tags, if they do not also use Coremetrics Web Analytics.
  • Auto tagging: Automatically tags impressions and clicks in emails and site personalization for analytics.


  • Marketing analytics: Includes ready-to-use marketing performance analytics.
  • Extendability to complete digital analytics: Includes ability to view additional reports and dashboards when used in conjunction with IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics.


  • Rich audience segmentation: Segment historic, digital behavior, real-time behavior; profiles; and  offline data.
  • Campaign management: Establish campaign rules, design, tests, schedules, and so on.
  • Website testing: Includes  website and marketing optimization.


  • Email marketing: Enables marketers to design, target, and execute personalized email.
  • Site personalization: Enables marketers to design, target, and execute personalized promotions that include text and imagery for all visitors, including anonymous visitors.
  • List targeting: Enables marketers to feed profile data from segmented audiences to in-house systems or partners.


  • Asset management: Enables marketers to manage digital assets across communications and push content to the content delivery network for fast execution.
  • Audience management: Enables marketers to manage audience suppression, contact fatigue, fallback  values, and more.

Expand--Expand to the complete IBM Coremetrics and IBM Unica solutions by adding additional product modules from the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management suite.

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