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ASNA's Visual RPG (AVR) for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
<p>Written by Joel Klebanoff</p>
<p>Monday, 11 July 2005 17:00</p>
<p>New technologies can offer organizations the opportunity to improve productivity and/or reap the reward of new revenue streams. Nonetheless, their introduction can be expensive and disruptive. One major contributing factor to this cost and disruption is the need to hire new employees or train existing staff to acquire the required skills. Organizations with existing iSeries development skills can avoid some of these costs when building new Web-enabled, .NET-based systems by using ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to give their developers the ability to develop .NET-compliant programs using RPG syntax.</p>
<p><a href="buyers-guide/product-reviews/product-review-asnas-visual-rpg-avr-for-microsoft-visual-studio-net.html"?phpMyAdmin=gz2LoR0nPd7Mytf3oY5-VXr4Fm8&phpMyAdmin=25bb112f8ed566a4c23a789f3e088b21&phpMyAdmin=5b304d525ed15da5c42039d762c13e12&phpMyAdmin=816fdd67911b8b497b9b86b3c350307a>Read more</a></p>

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