IBM Sweetens the Pot for iSeries

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IBM has announced that iSeries customers can take advantage of four new rebate offerings through September 30, 2003. While these rebates don't amount to significant dollars (on average, between $1,000 and $2,000), IBM is using them to nudge customers to invest in the key areas where it feels iSeries workloads should grow. These areas are Windows integration, Linux implementation, Lotus collaborative computing exploitation, and the implementation of WebSphere application solutions.

Windows Integration Rebate

IBM's invested a lot of energy to develop the Integrated xSeries Server (IXS) and the Integrated xSeries Adapter (IXA). And IBM is convinced that many small-to-medium-sized customers will reap substantial ROI and TCO benefits using the IXS/IXA technology. Consequently, until September 30, IBM will rebate $1,000 USD ($1,500 CDN) for each new eligible IXS or IXA minimum configuration acquired.

This rebate relates to an IXS minimum configuration consisting of an IXS feature, a minimum 1 BG of memory, and at least one eligible internal disk unit for iSeries Models 270, 800, 810, 820, 825, 830, 840, 870, 890, SB2, or SB3.

A separate rebate is available for the IBM IXA with a minimum configuration of at least two new eligible internal disk drives for the same iSeries models.

More information about these rebates and an order form are available at the IBM IXS/IXA Rebate Promotion site.

Linux Implementation Rebate

IBM believes that Linux is for the midrange is closer than ever before, with the iSeries positioned to lead the way with its advanced LPAR technology. But getting midrange customers to buy into the open-source operating system continues to be a cultural obstacle. Consequently, IBM's making a limited rebate offer to help customers overcome their hesitations. Until September 30, IBM will rebate $1,000 USD ($1,500 CDN) for eligible iSeries Model 810 acquisitions and $2,500 USD ($3,700 CDN) for eligible iSeries Model 825 acquisitions.

Customers will receive the rebate if they buy a qualifying Red Hat or SuSe Linux software solution and a new iSeries 810 or 825. A second option is to upgrade an eligible Model 810 or 825 or purchase an eligible model 825 Processor on Demand (POD) activation feature (Feature #1609).

For more information and to obtain an order form, visit the IBM Linux Rebate Promotion site.

Lotus Domino, Sametime, and QuickPlace Exploitation Rebate

Al Zollar, IBM's new General Manager of iSeries, was formerly the head of IBM Lotus Software, and rumor has it that he became enamored of iSeries while at Lotus when he saw the tremendous response the iSeries community gave to the original Lotus Notes/Domino offering. Now, he's continuing to push customers toward Lotus products from within the iSeries platform itself.

Until September 30, IBM will give rebates if you have an existing qualifying license for Lotus Domino, Lotus Sametime, or Lotus QuickPlace or you acquire a qualifying new license for Lotus Domino, Lotus Sametime, or Lotus QuickPlace and you acquire an eligible new iSeries Model 810 or 825.

If you buy a new 810, the rebate is $1,000 USD ($1,500 CDN)--not a large amount. However, if you purchase a new 825, the amount of the rebate is $1,000 USD ($1,500 CDN) for every 1,000 seats per software product, up to a maximum of $10,000 USD ($15,000 CDN).

For more information and to obtain an order form, visit the IBM Lotus Rebate Promotion site.

WebSphere Application Solution Rebate

Capping off IBM's current iSeries workload promotion is a $1,000 USD ($1,500 CDN) rebate for customers who purchase a new license for a qualified IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) software solution and a new iSeries Model 810 or 825.

IBM will also award the rebate if you purchase an eligible upgrade to a Model 825 or purchase a Model 825 Processor On Demand (POD) activation feature (Feature # 1609).

For more information about this rebate and to obtain an order form, visit the IBM WebSphere Rebate Promotion site.

Spicing the Deal

All of these rebates are tied to the purchase of new nuts and bolts, and none of these deals will make or break a decision to buy a new iSeries.

However, customers should be able to use these rebates to negotiate upgrades and to get some exposure to IBM's eBusiness on Demand Processor on Demand feature strategy.

Though these rebates are small, in this difficult economic period, every little bit of help from IBM will be welcome by IT decision-makers as they try to meet the demands of their iSeries environments with stretched IT budgets while positioning their shops toward the new iSeries workloads.

Thomas M. Stockwell is Editor in Chief of MC Press. He may be reached for comment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..