First Annual OCEAN Hackathon

Please join us for the First Annual OCEAN “Hackathon” led by Patrick Behr and Sean Corpuz...

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM - Hackathon (Includes continental breakfast & lunch)


 Fee:  Members $25    Non-Members $75




Seating is limited. OCEAN'S previous Saturday event sold out. It's recommended that you bring a laptop, but you can use one of the National University PC's.


Let’s work together and build something! We’ll be planning, coding, prototyping, testing, etc. and a lot will depend on the skills and preferences of the attendees. (You will not be listening to an extended lecture or completing color-by-number tasks!)

We might be working on a simple Node + Express web project or maybe building an RPG service program, but this will be a collaborative effort and will not be limited to specific programming languages. We’re hoping for lots of energy and noise as folks work together.

If we have fun and learn things together, it will have been a major success. If we build something useful, I (Patrick) will be ecstatic!

With a career spanning 20 years, Patrick Behr of Cambro Manufacturing has been working on IBM i (and its predecessors) for all of it.  He's worked for large retail companies, such as Costco and Starbucks, and small shops as well.  He has spent most of his time working with RPG and DB2, and has been helping to modernize RPG applications and RPG developers.  He has also worked for Profound Logic, helping to modernize the user interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 


Sean Corpuz is a developer at CELS Inc. 


 Location: National University - 3390 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA  92626  There is plenty of free and convenient parking. 

The OrangeCounty Educational Advancement Network, Inc., better known as just OCEAN, is a nonprofit user group and one of the largest and most proactive IBM Power Systems midrange user groups in the western United States with over 400 members. The group's primary mission is to serve as an affordable source of education on the technology its members use. This is done through hosting monthly guest speakers and the annual technical conference and seminar. The group is a nonprofit corporation and not sponsored by any vendor, including the IBM Corp. Membership is open to anyone interested in learning more about the information technology field. While its primary focus is the IBM Power Systems platform, the group does cover other areas like Microsoft .Net, VB, PHP, WebSphere, client-server information systems, JAVA, object oriented development, e-Business, data warehousing, XML, Internet and intranet applications, IT project management, IT management and personal and career development topics.