Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit

Discover the true power of IBM i at the Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit, October 20 – 26, 2021!

Join the top IBM i development experts at the Summit to wow your users with innovative applications built with IBM i data and business logic.

Upgrade your skills with the latest on modernization, web services, mobile apps and open source. Find out how to architect IBM i applications for future flexibility. Work magic with your data.

You'll walk away with loads of practical, detailed information to help you deliver amazing IBM i applications faster than ever.

"The Summit is the Woodstock of the IBM i world. I feel like my brain has been massaged by a Bulgarian weightlifter!"

                                                                                                                                                         -- Tom

Mentoring From Top Experts

Learn from the industry's premier experts — Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, and Paul Tuohy — along with their own personal gurus Liam Allan, Ted Holt, Scott Forstie and other trusted friends. Attendees find Summit speakers uniquely approachable because each of them thrives on meeting other IBM i enthusiasts and brainstorming ways to solve sticky problems.

"The interaction with the IBM i rock stars is incredible!"

What You Will Learn
Knowledge-Sharing with New Staff
Past Events
The Buzz from the Summit

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Comprised of top experts in RPG IV, SQL, DB2, ILE, RSE, PHP and Web technologies, System i Developer delivers the very best RPG and DB2-focused education available.  Its cornerstone conference, the RPG & DB2 Summit, provides an interactive, total-immersion experience to RPG and DB2 developers who want to stay abreast of the latest advancements and learn how to apply specific RPG and DB2 techniques to keep their software applications vibrant and innovative. As independent educators with long-standing relationships with IBM, members of the consortium also work with individual organizations to provide well-informed, unbiased advice and training on any IBM i development topic—from basic best practices to the newest, most advanced techniques.