** This thread discusses the Content article: FCC Acts to Preserve Internet Freedom and Openness **

Remember, this is the administration that has already set up a commission to see how reinstate the Unfairness Doctrine (meaning centrally mandated control over broadcast content), and told them to study how they could interfere in the Internet as well. Meaning, how can they cover censorship and content control with legalese...

Just a comment. I like the idea of "net neutrality", but the worst fox you can find to guard the henhouse of the Internet for purposes of keeping it free from the shackles of crony capitalism, is this socialist government.

Remember, this is the FCC run by an appointee that thinks it's their duty to do all they can to stop conservative and Christian points of view from the airways, and they're having fits because people are voting with their radio dials against the mandates of the Political Correctness Thought Police. That's the shadow force that inherited its mantle from Torquendama.

I have some really big beefs with my own cable and Internet provider. But they are a much smaller monster than orders from the Central Planning Offices of the aspiring native Soviet Socialists..