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AS/400 IFS objects "/tmp/QACX*" - do these need to be saved?

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  • AS/400 IFS objects "/tmp/QACX*" - do these need to be saved?

    Hello everyone, We have an AS/400 running Lotus Domino, and are having difficulties backing up files named QACX* in the '/tmp' directory. These files are only found on systems running Domino (I say this because they aren't found on one of our non-Domino AS/400s). Does anyone know what these files are used for, or if it's required to back them up? Attempts to save the files fail with msgIDs MCH3402 ("Tried to refer to all or part of an object that no longer exists") and CPDA1CC ("Part of object no longer exists."), implying that the files are indeed temporary, are dynamically created/deleted and therefore not needed. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thanks in advance, Steve