We upgraded to V5R2 last fall & began having problems with font sizes shrinking. Our workstations are at various levels of Client Access (iSeries Access/Win). All printers here are HP lasers, most are LAN/TCPIP connected. Workstations with an old Client Access for Win version 20010629 print wonderfully --- standard courier 10 pt, takes up the whole page with 1/2" margins all around. But workstations with CA 20020506 or 20040121 look more like 8pt courier, & have 2"+ margins on the right & bottom. All workstations are XP. We've tried *wscst/Transform ASCII option on CA printer setup and also created new dev descriptions for ASCII printers, no luck. Only time we get the desired font size is by signing on at a workstation with the old CA version loaded. Any recommendations? Thanks !