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    Has anyone ever used a mailtag in a STRPAGGRP to an IFS folder? Let me explain what I'm trying to do. Maybe someone has done something similar... Say I have a 100 page invoice spoolfile and there are 10 distinct customer numbers throughout. There is a parent folder in the ifs called customers and there are subfolders within the customer folder for each customer#. The spoolfile is in an outq which will convert to pdf if there is a mailtag in the Userdefined data field of the printfile and that would work fine if there was only one customer#, e.g. mailTag(/TestCyclePDF/CUST_0001/C_000001.PDF)) However, Since the spoolfile is segmented with 10 different customer#'s and each one needs to go to there own folder, the problem arises. I use STRPAGGRP / ENPAGGRP to segment each page of the spoolfile but can not get it to convert to pdf and go to the folder. I have tried to put the mailtag into each segment in the STRPAGGRP. I also tried putting the mailtag / parent folder in the Userdefined data field of the printfile and the customer folder/document in the STRPAGGRP. None of those were successful. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks.

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    I used STRPAGGRP and ENDPAGGRP to send mail with RPG Program.
    But when i want use CC or BCC, the mail is not send. The outq id ended.
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