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Who Killed My Project

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  • Who Killed My Project

    This one didn't make the "fatal five" or however it's coined as... :-)

    Number Six: Don't forget to jiggle the handle.

    Project flushed down the toilet with as much effort as it takes to blink!

    This comes after months or preparation, coordinating multiple department efforts, and after huge outlays of cash to vendors, and months of overtime for existing staffers.

    They (The notorious) decided to:

    a) Sell, merger, or aquistion with another company.
    b) Drop the whole thing and start over with another vendor.
    c) Found way too much money spent and don't have the money to finish.
    d) Don't know what happened. You wake up and it's Judgement Day.
    e) Or you don't wake up and it was all a dream...you're still in it.
    f) Or you can't sleep because you never were awake!
    g) Or disqualified because the answer was NOT in the form of a question.

    Hoo-hoo :-)))