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It's OK, but does it have Search capability within the PDF?

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  • It's OK, but does it have Search capability within the PDF?

    Looks a little more friendlier than "Test2PDF" freeware. This other freeware product is like most ot these PDF products, it interjects itself into the printer stream. By doing so, that kind of product has no Search Capability of the text within the PDF itself, which most users really have come to expect for anything over a few pages in length.

    I don't see where that is included in the features page, but since it can handle PDF to HTML, am I to assume that a Search capability is available?

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    PDF Text Search Capability

    The tool creates a PDF document that you are able to search through text or copy text using a PDF viewer. If you are using Acrobat reader you can easily search text using the find tool as well as copy text using the Acrobat text select tool.

    There are several free PDF tools. I've used PDF 995 for several years and have been pleased with how easy it is to use and how quick it is to install.

    Hope this helps.