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Great news for the HSSFCGI users

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  • Great news for the HSSFCGI users

    HSSFCGI is an IBM i open source utility written in ILE-RPG, that allows to easily create Excel spreadsheets for Windows Office 2003 and 2007.

    This utility is largely based on the HSSFR4 work done by Scott Klement to let RPG code interface with Java POI 3.2 and 3.6 code.

    HSSFCGI easies by far the development job in this area. This is done by using a special interface language,
    named XLSGEN (some kind of easy-to-learn XML-like script) which is then interpreted by the utility.
    In this way the complexities of Java interfaces are hidden under the covers.

    HSSFCGI also features a command, TABLEXLS, able to generate on the fly a spreadsheet for any IBM i database.
    That can also be done under WEB, so that the user receives the generated spreadsheet seconds after entering the database name.

    HSSFCGI was initially made available on April 2009, and has been grown through subsequent releases, adding features over features.
    It is currently installed on more than 500 boxes.

    One recent challenge raised by an HSSFCGI user was to request color support at cell level.
    Implementing such a feature required some important architecture changes in the programs.
    The work has been huge and the testing rather difficult, but here it is, available to anyone, at no charge, on October 1, 2010.

    Color cell features are as follow:
    1-Formula cells already had distinguished colors
    2-Column heading cells had already been recently supported with a background color feature
    3-In today's release, we are adding the possibility to provide default font and background colors to all the cells in the spreadsheet
    4-We are also supporting individual font/background colors for individual spreadsheet cells, thus allowing developers to easily remark special data values.

    For detail information, see page http://www.easy400.net/hssfcgi/html/page1.htm .

    Come to the Easy400.net site and try it.

    Giovanni B. Perotti
    HSSFCGI author
    Easy400.net site owner