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Xlparse/2 merge

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  • Xlparse/2 merge

    As you may know, Easy400.net site was featuring two products for importing Excel worksheets to database files.
    - One, named XLPARSE, was working only on V5R3, was based on Scott Klement's XLPARSER4 service program and POI 3.2 Java classes.
    It could just process .XLS worksheets (Windows Office 2003).
    - The other, named XLPARSE2, was working on V5R4 or later release, was based on Scott Klement's XLPARSER4 service program and POI 3.6 Java classes.
    It could ALSO process .XLSX worksheets (Windows Office 2007).

    October 15, 2010 news:
    - XLPARSE has been merged into XLPARSE2.
    XLPARSE2 can now work on V5R3, V5R4 and subsequent releases.
    On V5R3 its is able to process just .XLS worksheets,
    while on V5R4 and subsequent releases it can ALSO process .XLSX worksheets.
    - If XLPARSE2 in installed on a V5R3 box, and the box is subsequently migrated to V5R4,
    it is necessary to run command XLPARSE2/COMPILE to upgrade the utility.
    - XLPARSE is withdrawn from the Easy400 utilities, as it has been completely integrated into XLPARSE2.

    XLPARSE2 documentation is available at page

    Giovanni B. Perotti
    XLPARSE/2 Author