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  • Free interface IBMi-Excel

    HSSFCGI is a free open source utility distributed from site www.easy400.net (free registration required).
    HSSFCGI allows to create Excel xls and xlsx workbooks on IBMi.
    HSSFCGI is based on Scott Klement's HSSFR4 service program.
    The utility runs on IBMi V5R3, V5R4, V6R1 and V7R1 operating system releases.

    HSSFCGI is based on a simple XML-like language called XLSGEN.
    HSSFCGI commands XLSGEN and XLSXGEN can process XLSGEN scripts to generate Excel workbooks.
    With the XLSGEN language you can:
    - create worksheet rows and cells
    - define column-heading, text, numeric, date and formula cells
    - choose among a number of character sizes and decorations at cell level
    - select text alignment at cell level
    - set foreground and background colors at cell level
    - include pictures in cells
    - provide hyperlinks
    - define print headers and footers(*)
    XLSGEN scripts can be easily generated from programs and run by XLSGEN/XLSGENX command to obtain Excel workbooks.

    A special facility is also provided by command TABLEXLS.
    With this command, without writing any line of code, you can directly create an Excel workbook from up to 50 database files (*) in a single shot.
    Multimember (*) data base files can be processed: you may select members, or take them all.
    This command features
    - automated generation of column headers
    and includes the following options
    - page headers (*)
    - print headers (*)
    - background colors for column headers
    - foreground and background colors for the other cells
    - picture inclusion
    - hyperlink support.

    A WEB interface to command TABLEXLS is also available, with the same features.
    By using this interface, the generated Excel workbook is directly sent to the browser for download.

    Please refer to HSSFCGI documentation at page http://www.easy400.net/hssfcgi/html/page1.htm .

    Giovanni B. Perotti
    www.easy400.net site owner

    Items marked by (*) have been made available on February 21, 2011 HSSFCGI release.

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    Thanks for the post. I'd like to explore the product; could you please let me know if your (and Scott's!) software will work with Microsoft Office 2010 Excel?

    Thank you,


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      though I have not MS 2010 Office, there is no reason why HSSFCGI (based on Scott's HSSFR4 SW) should not work with it.
      After all, HSSFCGI produces either .xls (Windows Office 2003) or .xlsx (Windows Office 2007) Excel spreadsheets,
      and Office 2010 is supposed to handle them.