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Fixed-Header plugin now available in CGI_WRKDBF

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  • Fixed-Header plugin now available in CGI_WRKDBF

    As you may already know, CGIWRKDBF is an Easy400.net WEB free utility able to display/update any IBM i database file, see page
    http://www.easy400.net/cgiwrkdbf/html/page1.htm .

    CGIWRKDBF was originally released in August 2009 and has received a large number of enhancements.

    A major enhancement dated November 2009 was the one named "Steady Headers". It was allowing to maintain the table header steady (fixed), while the table was being scrolled.

    Unluckily that technique, while still supported by I.E., is no longer supported by Firefox 9.0.1.

    Recently I have tried another Fixed-Header technique based on a JsQuery plugin, I was able to have it working and I made it available in the CGIWRKDBF release dated January 26, 2012.
    This Fixed-Header technique works well with I.E., Firefox and Chrome (Chrome is the best), I did not test it with Opera and Safari.

    The Fixed-header facility is a great advantage for the end user, inasmuch it allows to be always in control of the meaning of each column.

    - If you are familiar with CGIWRKDBF, you are invited to install its latest version.
    - If you never had a chance to use it yet, please try it, do not miss this opportunity.

    Giovanni B. Perotti
    Easy400.net site owner
    CGIWRKDBF author