HSSFCGI is a free open-source utility available from site www.easy400.net for generating Excel spreadsheets on IBM i.
See page http://www.easy400.net/hssfcgi/html/page1.htm .
A very useful feature of this utility is command TABLEXLS. This command allows to generate Excel spreadsheets from database files, and it is available also under WEB.

HSSFCGI commands to generate Excel spreadsheets used to have a parameter, named FROZEN which allowed to freeze a number of initial spreadsheet rows (as an example, the rows containing the column headers, so that they keep steady while you scroll the spreadsheet).

In October 17, 2013 release, parameter FROZEN has been extended to include also the number of initial columns to be frozen. For instance, in a given wide spreadsheet you could now freeze column 1 and column 2 containing the customer number and the customer name, while you are scrolling the other columns.

Giovanni B. Perotti
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