A new version of the tool is available from the Easy400 site www.easy400.net (free registration required).

CGI_WRKDBF is an ILE-RPG utility for the WEB, able to
- display any OS/400 database file, with full editing of any field data type
- perform record positioning
- add, update and delete records
- filter records according to user-specified rules:
this is called "phase 2", as it was a separate development .

CGI_WRKDBF - as any other tool from the Easy400 site www.easy400.net -
- is available at no charge
- is delivered with sources
- is documented at page http://www.easy400.net/cgiwrkdbf/html/page1.htm
- is supported through the Easy400Group forum http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Easy400Group/
or writing directly to the author, Giovanni B. Perotti, gb_perotti@easy400.net

Giovanni B. Perotti
Easy400 site owner