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New version of ODF (Object Distribution Facility) now available

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  • New version of ODF (Object Distribution Facility) now available

    ODF is a free open source utility for IBM System i, available at site Easy400 http://www.easy400.net .

    It allows to distribute via FTP library and IFS objects to remote systems or partitions with no effort,
    thus reducing the complexity, the human costs, and the error rate in maintaining other systems from a control site.

    - IBM System i installations running multiple systems or partitions
    - Business Partners or Independent Software Vendors providing real time support for their System i packages.

    Some initial ODF users have suggested some relevant improvements which have been made available today.

    Today's ODF version allows to distribute, with a single command (ODSTR),
    -- to 50 remote systems or partitions
    -- up to 10 library objects
    (a library object can be a library, an object collection, a list of file members)
    -- up to 10 IFS objects (an object, a directory, a generic object name)
    and to run
    -- up to 10 remote commands, before starting object distribution
    -- up to 10 remote commands, after completing object distribution.

    Of course, ODF is also a convenient way to run commands on remote systems.

    This ODF release is it really worth being tried!

    Documentation available at http://www.easy400.net/odf/html/page1.htm .

    Thanks for your attention,

    Giovanni B. Perotti
    Easy400 site owner