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Firewall issue with FTPS from iSeries to WINDOWS

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  • Firewall issue with FTPS from iSeries to WINDOWS

    Dear all,

    I am trying to transfer file from iSeries to WINDOWS machine using FTPS (Explicit).
    I have asked the security department to open firewall for the below ports,

    21 - As the explicit FTPS use port 21 for the control connection.
    20 - Data port for normal FTP and FTPS used in Active mode.
    3000-3010 - I read from "https://www.studentclearinghouse.org/ftps/pdfs/SecureFTP_Automation.pdf" that FTPS Passive connection uses any one port from this port range, dynamically.

    990 - Control port for FTPS implicit (Not need, but still we tested by opening this aswell)
    989 - Data port for FTPS implicit (Not need, but still we tested by opening this aswell)

    But still not working. In fact, I am able to make control connection and log in to the FTPS server, but the data connection is not working.

    1. Can any one tell me what port did FTPS uses for making data connection ?
    2. I also read that the Active mode in FTPS will use port 20 for data connection. Can any one tell how to change my FTPS client to Active mode, in iSeries ?

    Thank you in advance for spending your time in clarifying my doubts.
    - Satheesh

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    FTP Passive

    Some FTP servers don't support the PASV subcommand. The default on the iSeries is to have it on. On most FTP's to Windows servers, I start my FTP session with the SENDPASV 0 subcommand to turn off passive mode.


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      You may also want to check out GoAnywhere Director from Linoma Software at www.GoAnywhereMFT.com . It supports FTPS protocol with the ability to override the ports numbers for the control channel and data connections. It supports both active and passive connections. GoAnywhere Director also includes its own graphical certificate manager that makes it simple to create, manage and share certificates. All FTPS transfers in GoAnywhere Director can be run either through the GoAnywhere scheduler or from your CL and RPG programs. A free trial is available on Linoma's web site.