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Febr. 15, 2010 CGI_WRKDBF release

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  • Febr. 15, 2010 CGI_WRKDBF release

    CGI_WRKDBF (Work Database File) is an IBM System i WEB open-source free utility,
    able to display, to add and to update database file records.

    This utility, made available in August 2009 from site www.easy400.net ,
    has become very popular (currently 700+ downloads)
    and has been continuously improved, by integrating features suggested by its users.

    In today's release, more features requested by users have been added:
    - record format level check added, in order to automate regeneration of file-access subprograms
    ("ad-hoc") programs every time a record format change is detected
    - ability to add an "alike" record, starting from a record displayed for update
    - enhanced visibility of record rows in a table, by alternating background colors
    - ability to "mark" all the fields in a record row, especially useful when right-scroll is needed.

    Send your questions to gb_perotti@easy400.net

    Giovanni B. Perotti