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Great news for users of System i XLPARSE

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  • Great news for users of System i XLPARSE

    As you know, some time ago Scott Klement released a service program, named XLPARSER4,
    that allows to read an Excel spreadsheet by using a combination of RPG and Java.

    One year ago (March 2009), I announced an open-source free RPG utility, named XLPARSE,
    a wrapper around the Scott's utility, that makes it easy to convert an Excel spreadsheet
    to a database file in QTEMP and then subsequently read that file in your programs.

    Today I'm announcing a new tool, within XLPARSE: command XLSTABLE. It simply transforms
    an Excel spreadsheet to a physical file, that you can subsequently process with your programs.
    In other words, you can now totally forget about the EXCEL spreadsheet and process it as if it were
    a database file. Of course, in this way you can process an Excel spreadsheet using your favorite
    programming language, RPG III or IV, COBOL, C, ... what you have.

    Get detail documentation from page
    and download at no charge the utility from the Easy400.net site (free registration required)

    Giovanni B. Perotti