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MMAIL supported spool file to PDF conversion tools

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  • MMAIL supported spool file to PDF conversion tools

    MMAIL is a free utility for sending/receiving e-mail messages with IBM System i (AS/400).
    MMAIL first release was in year 2003. Since then, it has been continuously maintained and upgraded with new features.
    According to our records, so far it has been installed on more than 7,500 boxes.
    It is available from site easy400.net (free registration required).

    The MMAIL utility includes support for a number of spool file converters to PDF:
    - some bundled freewares (commands CVTSPLSTMF and CVTSPLPDF) and
    - interfaces to some fee products (AFPTOOL and IBM INFOPRINT).

    MMAIL September 4, 2012 release provides interface to a new spool conversion tool, IPDF, a free (open source) versatile product from Orati-Systems for creating PDFs, imbedding images, etc.
    For more information about this tool, see page http://mmail.easy400.net/mmailh/othutils.htm#10 .

    Giovanni B. Perotti
    MMAIL author