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Texts in different langauges

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  • Texts in different langauges

    Hi all, We have a i5 database that we want to use more in a international way by storing texts in different languages, each with a langauge code in the same file in one library. The file would look something like this: Part-ID Part-Langauge-ID Part-Description Now, the field 'Part-Description' would contain texts in different languages while the field 'Part-Langauge-ID' would tell the (RPG) application what language the user prefers. The application would run in an Internet browser and the Windows language setting would be used to determine what language code was required to view the records. The reason for the 'trick' above is to avoid a lot of libraries per country as well as the possibility to share data internationally. Can anyone inform me if the scenarion above is a feasible one and if so, what things to bear in mind for configuring it successfully? Thanks in advance, Paul ------------------ Paul JHM van Doorn Sweden paul@itstajm.se