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How to enable syslogd ro log remote in PASE

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  • How to enable syslogd ro log remote in PASE

    Hi, I have been trying to get syslogd in AS400 to log to my remote linux machine. I have changed the syslog.conf to point to the remote machine and restarted the syslogd. I have a test code which just sends a char string to syslog.I start the syslogd and run the code. Nothign happens. I have no idea how to debug this thing. How do I check in PASE to see if it is able to connect to the remote machine. when I try " system ping linuxhost " , it is giving an error message. Can anybody out there help me.Please. Anu

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    Re:How to enable syslogd ro log remote in PASE

    Hello, Would like to talk to someone who has Syslogd running on there iSeries using v5. I have configured the syslog.conf file and looking for more information. I found a doc on IBM Website called: Portable Utilities for i5/OS that was a big help, but looking for more. Thanks, Keith LaBorde