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Beware!! WebSphere Portal on iSeries Cost Prohibitive

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  • Beware!! WebSphere Portal on iSeries Cost Prohibitive

    We are a small business that started doing web development about 3 years ago. We opted for an small AS/400. So far, we have about 15 dynamic websites running on AS/400 with WAS 5 Express. We need more CPW to handle the Java workload. We are looking at a i550 and Portal on iSeries. Whoa!. To run portal on iSeries, it costs $115,000 per processor. To add insult to injury, my IBM Business partner tells me not to run portal on iSeries because other customers who have attempted it, had serious performance issues. My BP is telling me to run portal on Linux. He says IBM knows they have a problem with iSeries JVM performance and are working on a fix. In the meantime, we the customer appear to be penalized. They tell me that I will need at least two of the four processors to run portal and if I want to scale it to 100 users, I will probably be using the 3rd processor. Ok, let's see. 3 processors x 115k per processor = $445,000.00 to run portal on iSeries for 100 users. Needless to say, IBM needs to come to their senses here and realize that they are making this offering cost-prohibitive for most businesses let alone small businesses. They need to go to Serial number pricing instead of processor pricing, otherwise, they shouldn't even offer the product on iSeries. My warning to those of you who may have been give a free license of WAS 5 Express with your Enterprise Addition (spelled incorrect intentionally for effect). Don't develop your web infrastructure on iSeries. Because the day will come when you need to scale larger, then you will be kicked in the knees by IBM when you need to do it. J.M.